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    anyone tried the Adiri bottles? Opinions? Any other recommendations on bottles?

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    DD loves her booby bottles I also love them, who ever came up with this idea is awesome I am currently using parents choice bottles also because they are cheap and BPA free. Adiri bottle are a little expensive so she only has 3, but she really does not care which bottle she gets as long as it is filled with boob juice

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    I tried this bottle after hearing rave reviews from others, and my LO was using Playtex Drop-In's for a month. Unfortunately, it did not work out with us. I used the newborn level which has slow-flow nipple, however, my LO was getting so much milk compared to Playtex nipple, she was gulping and spitting out expressed milk. We decided to stay with Playtex and she is 3 months old now. Hopefully it works for you tho!

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