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Thread: Supply, When and How long?

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    Red face Supply, When and How long?

    Although this is my third child this is the first one I have been able to exclusively give breast milk. I have never pumped before. I have been pumping a bit for the last week but I am wondering what I am doing to my supply and if I am even going about it right.
    What I need to know is how long (roughly) it takes my body to reproduce my milk. I have breast fed after my baby feeds and only got a couple oz verses when I do it in the morning after he doesn't feed as much.
    I do realize it will be more in the morning. But here is my dilemma. My baby feeds frequently right now, pretty much every hour on the hour unless he is sleeping. He is just shy of 4 weeks old. I pump when he is sleeping and keep that stock piled but sometimes that isn't even possible. I pretty much do that only once a day because I am to lazy at night to do it.
    I am not going to work or going back to work, I just want some on hand for when we go somewhere or if I just need a break from one feeding at home.
    If I am only pumping once a day and irregularly how is that going to effect my supply?
    I feel like I am rambling here but I just really don't know what to do! Any info is great and ask questions if need be so I can know what I am doing. Thank you for any info!

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    Actually, if you have a good supply and no problems, then you shouldn't need to pump at all unless you need to be away from your baby for a few hours. Which, you could pump in the day or 2 leading up to an outing if you were out of expressed breastmilk.

    When little George was 4 mos old, I quit my job and became a stay at home mom. He never had a bottle after that point, and neither did his little brother, whose now over 2 years and still nursing a few times a day. I still went on outings, but in the first months, I just kept them to under a couple of hours. I could've pumped so I could have longer outings, but I hated the pump more than I wanted to be gone for long periods of time

    So my advice, if you're not having low supply problems, is to relax and don't worry about pumping. Your body should adjust just fine to produce what your baby needs vs. producing more than your baby needs. You see, when you pump, you're actually telling your body to make more milk than your baby is taking out of your body. So it's not being lazy at all to not pump unless you need the expressed milk.

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    Oh, and to answer the question I missed, your body is constantly producing breastmilk. You don't need to wait to "re-fill" per say. The fact that you get another 2 oz right after baby nursing at the breast sounds like you have an abundance of milk. It would also be ok for you to almost get nothing from pumping right after baby nursed, because it would mean that your body was producing exactly what baby needed. That balance is a good thing. Oversupply can cause problems even though it sounds like a good thing.

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