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    When I nurse my 10 week old on my right side he often has milk coming out his nose. I guess it seems to happen towards the middle and end of a nursing session. 1.) Why would this happen? Too much milk coming at him too quickly or drinking too much at once? I don't recall it happening on my left side. Also my son likes to lay on his back with his head turned onto his ear to nurse - sometimes he will lay on his side though. 2.) Is this okay or would he be likely to get less milk during feeding? I guess I ask this only because it seems like he may be stretching a bit more on my nipple with his head being slightly further away. Should I make him lay on his side even though he does not prefer this position? My son has had difficulty gaining weight. He weighs only 8lbs 10-11 oz at 10 weeks. It seems he has enough urine output though sometimes goes 1-2 days or more without a bowel movement. 3.)Lastly, how long should I let my son nurse? One time it seemed like we were coming up on an hour and a half between the two breasts and I was sore, not to mention getting impatient with sitting so long so often. I have a difficult time of knowing whether he is just comfort "gnawing" or actually feeding so I have actually taken him off the breast before. Because he has had a hard time gaining I am always worried that he is hungry. I know i have adequate supply of milk since in the morning after not feeding my son for several hours (since husband gave him a bottle of expressed milk) I was able to pump almost 6 oz. TIA for any info given

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    My lo also had milk come out of her nose when she was younger. Pedi said it was from her lying down while eating/after eating, it was just draining up that way. She rec'd just to raise her head a bit, but she wasn't really concerned. If it's bothering your lo (or you) you could try that, but if it helps any way, my dd grew out of that pretty fast and we always nurse to sleep, so she's lying down and eating quite a bit.
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    I don't think this is uncommon. My friend's baby always had milk dripping out his nose during breastfeeding. My baby would sometimes spit up out his nose. Which is something that definitely freaks out a new mom. But, it was nothing in either case. And both boys outgrew it. As far as his weight gain, you may have to set yourself up for long nursing sessions. You can keep switching to keep things from getting too sore. Good luck.
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