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Thread: It's the teeth, right?

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    Default It's the teeth, right?

    DD (almost 7 months) has started using her hand to push my breast away from her mouth while she's nursing, basically giving herself a really shallow latch. Is this a teething thing? She doesn't have any yet but she's been a major grumpypants and gnawing on everything, so I feel like they're getting close... But this latch thing is not comfortable. Plus it feels like she has teeth when she's latched on, even though she doesn't.

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    Default Re: It's the teeth, right?

    My son tried this and I'd just pull him back in tight. It wasn't comfortable for me to let him have a shallow latch. It very well could be the teeth. She's at the right age for it. And, I think, mama always knows best.
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    Default Re: It's the teeth, right?

    Could be teething or just a new discovery, but either way, take her off, tell her to open wide, and relatch her. Sloppy nursing habits are NOT fun with teeth!
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