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Thread: ideal lactation room

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    Default ideal lactation room

    If you experienced pump moms were planning a lactation room what would be in it, what would it look like etc. I haven't gone back to work yet but...my company is thinking of making a dedicated lactation room (we have a sick room which is fine for if you have migraine but very little else).

    Yay for Oregon who requires companies have a place (not a bathroom) and my employer (I work for City government) who thinks enough to want to improve what we have.

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    Default Re: ideal lactation room

    Yay for you!

    I'm very lucky to have a dedicated lactation room at the company I work for. The company surveyed moms who were already pumping in their office or in the bathroom (those unfortunate enough who worked in cubes, yuck I know!) and designed the room based on their opinions.

    Our mother's room is quite large. It's divided up into two smaller private areas (like small closets) that have locking doors and a larger common area. In each of the private rooms, there is a waist level shelf that you can place the pump on top and magazines on the lower shelf. There is also a comfy chair and a couple of electrical outlets. The outlets are placed higher up on the wall so you don't have to bend over to plug in your pump. In the common area, there is a sink, fridge, and a microwave as well as an additional shelf for moms to house their pumps so they don't have to lug it back and forth during the day.

    I'm very happy with the room, I wouldn't really change anything. I hope this helps.

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    Default Re: ideal lactation room

    I'm soooooo jealous. I pump in our team storage room at school. At least they give me a key....
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    Default Re: ideal lactation room

    We have nice pumping rooms where I work too. They have:

    1. A comfy couch. I think it's probably an old one that used to be in the Command Suite (I'm in the military), but it works.

    2. A lamp. There is an overhead light, but there is a lamp to "set the mood" I guess since the lamp isn't as bright as the overhead light.

    3. A small fridge. That way you don't have to gross our your coworkers with your milk in the shared fridge. (see ms. conduct thread)

    4. Shelving. We have shelving for moms to keep pumps, parts, whatever.

    5. A table or surface for magazines. Women also bring in old magazines to leave in there for other mothers to read.

    6. A white board and markers for messages. We write the names and numbers of the mothers who use the room just in case we need to keep in contact.

    7. A cork board and push pins for pictures of everyone's babies.

    8. We also have a sign up sheet so that if a mother wants privacy she can reserve a time slot if she wants. It works out pretty well.

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    Default Re: ideal lactation room

    I love the message board idea . Thanks for the ideas so far.

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    Default Re: ideal lactation room

    I'm a little late catching up on old posts
    I'm right inbetween- not a total storage closet, but not a convenient room, either.
    i love the ideas and if I could have any of that it is the private stalls/closets, and a fridge. right now we have an office chair and a table shoved in a corner, and the most recent collection for charity (baby clothes) in another.
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    Default Re: ideal lactation room

    I am so jealous!! I wish I had access to a room like you all are describing. I felt lucky that I had a small room (used by our speech teacher), it was nice - small table and a bathroom close by to clean pump parts. Of course, I was only able to use it b/c it was the last weeks of school and she was only using it for paper work, not seeing students. I am getting ready to return to work, and that room is no longer an option.

    Huge kuddos to your companies for being so BF friendly!
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