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Thread: Dropped last session - what happens now?

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    Default Dropped last session - what happens now?

    As of this AM, I think we're done. I've been gradually weaning DS and my milk supply has been dropping. Last week he refused the before bed session (mad that my breasts were soft and letdown was taking a long time) and so we dropped that. My breasts were full in the AM for a couple of days but when I woke up this AM they were pretty soft and when I tried feeding him this AM he refused, so I think we're going to call it quits.

    This is exactly the way I wanted it to happen, so I feel good emotionally, but I have some questions on the physical part. As I've dropped other sessions, my body has typically responded by my breasts feeling full after a while, but this was always relieved when DS had his next session. Since there will be no more sessions, what do I do when my breasts get full? Should I hand pump a little to relieve discomfort? How long will I have to do this for? Since I obviously won't be emptying my breasts this way, how long will it take for them to empty themselves of the excess milk?

    Also, on a completely different note, for those of you who have weaned, what do you give them to eat first thing in the AM? LO will not drink milk out of a cup, so I gave him yogurt. Is this a good strategy?


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    Default Re: Dropped last session - what happens now?

    With my first, I didn't have any fullness when we were done. She was pretty gradual, but I was having supply trouble in the first place, so I don't have any advice there. As far as what to feed first thing in the morning, normal breakfast stuff is fine. Yogurt with cereal and fruit is great.
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