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Thread: what should I do...?

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    Default what should I do...?

    DD will be 10 mo. when I return to work. Since I exclusively pump (minus the late night sleep nursing) I plan to wean her at a year. My breaks at work will be 8:10-9:10, 12:30-1:00 and then after school at around 3:20...

    I have probably 2 weeks worth of frozen milk that is just waiting to be donated as I have yet to touch it.

    When should I pump at work in the hopes of weaning my body? I pump at 6:00 before heading to work. As of now I pump for 15 min...she I pump the same 3X at work but decrease the time I pump?

    Any thoughts and experiences are appreciated...
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    Default Re: what should I do...?

    Weaning typically involves slowing reducing the amount of times each day that the breast is emptied. So, you could try moving from three pumping sessions at work to two more in the middle of the day, then one in the middle of the day, then none. However, it looks like you're a teacher, so those breaks probably aren't very flexible. In that case, turning off the pump before you are totally empty will gradually tell your body to make less milk. Eventually, you'll be able to skip one session, but will still be full enough to need to pump at the next time. Then slowly lower the time spent pumping at that session.

    If at any time you feel overly engorged or painful, then weaning is going too fast for your body.
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