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Thread: More bottle/nipple problems....

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    Default More bottle/nipple problems....

    For the past week my 9 week old daughter has been fussing at the bottle (we try to give one a day) A couple of days ago we switched to the Nuk nipple which actually fit on the Born Free bottle. It seems she likes the Nuk the two times we gave it to her. My partner reports she's able to latch on easily. The issue now is both times after we've given her the bottle with the Nuk nipple, right after finishing, she starts crying, almost as if she's in pain from gas. It makes no sense as the Nuk nipple is supposed to cut down on gas. And also, partner reports not much air bubbles in the bottle, and even less air bubbles than when she used the Born Free Nipples. She really seems to dislike the longer nipples such as the Born Frees and the Playtex Nursers. She sometimes latches on, sometimes not. The slow Flow born free takes her too long to drink and she gives up half-way. The Mediumflow born free is too fast and chokes her each time she actually was able to latch on.

    Could it be possible a Nuk nipple causes more gas in a baby than a regular nipple? This bottle issue is causing all of us a lot of stress right now. Work is looming in less than 3 weeks now. I guess we could try again tomorrow to see if it happens again. Maybe it was just a coincidence?

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    Default Re: More bottle/nipple problems....

    Could it be that she's crying because she's still hungry?

    I don't know anything about the Nuk nipples. We use Platex drop-ins and the latex nipples and found that those helped decrease the amount of air LO was taking in with a bottle.
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    Default Re: More bottle/nipple problems....

    I was also thinking it's possible that she's crying because she wants to keep nursing the bottle because she likes it so much!
    Have you considered a pacifer for use when you are gone? Some babies really need to comfort suck and this can help get them though when mom's breast isn't there to nurse on.
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