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Thread: not pumping enough

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    Cool not pumping enough

    I Am A New Mother To A 1 Week Old Baby Boy. I Wanted To Breastfeed My Son But Had Some Complications During Delivery And Couldnt Get Into Any Positions To Allow Me To Breastfeed So I Started Pumping. I Was Getting About 2 Oz From Each Breast Until About 2 Days Ago. Now I Am Not Even Getting 1 Oz From My Left Breast But Getting 2-3 From My Right Breast. How Can I Get More From My Left Breast??

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    Are you working with someone to get the baby to latch on? At one week old i don't think it's too late to do so. Pumping will not yield as much milk as the baby latching on, at least for now at such a young age.

    I always get a lot more from my right breast than from my left

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    Please contact a local LLL Leader! A one week old baby should be able to learn to nurse from the breast. (I have heard of babies finally going to the breast as late as 6-8 months). A Leader can help you try different positions, including nursing lying down. No pump is ever going to be as efficient as a nursing baby. If breastfeeding is important to you, now is the time to get help (which you've already started, by posting here )

    The first month or so is when your body is determining the amount of milk it needs to make for your baby, so it will be easier long-term to address the problem now, rather than later.

    In the meantime, the first rule is feed the baby! A one-week old baby doesn't have a huge stomach but he does need frequent, small feeds. What type of pump are you using? The best for your current situation is a hospital-grade double electric pump. (Usually a rental pump) A manual pump or even a good electric pump (for example, a Pump in Style) is not designed to bring in your milk supply. They are designed to maintain an existing supply.

    Hang in there! If this is something you want, it can be done. I too had complications after delivery of my first child (I was hospitalized and pretty "out of it" for a week). Trying to nurse was incredibly frustrating, but suddenly, on day 9, she "got" it. A local Leader can help you with various ways to get the baby on the breast. Just call or email!
    Find a Leader here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/WebIndex.html (shows all countries) or here for USA http://www.lalecheleague.org/WebUS.html

    Good luck and congratulations on your new baby!

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