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Thread: Pumping into storage bags

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    Default Pumping into storage bags

    I was wondering, is there's an easy way to pump straight into the milk storage bags?

    I use the Lansinoh double electric and I want to pump straight into the bags to limit the containers in which the milk goes into since you loose fat each time you switch containers. Would rubber banding the bags to the pump work? Is it safe?

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    Default Re: Pumping into storage bags

    Medela makes a bag that has a paper strip with adhesive at the end that allows you to hang the bag from the pump horns. They work really well. It's just a little tricky at first when you disconnect stuff to make sure the bags don't tip over and spill.
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    Default Re: Pumping into storage bags

    I second the Medela bags. No second container and they go straight to the fridge or freezer. Just remember to write on the label before you put it on the pump if it's going to the freezer - it's easier that way.
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    The Medela bags do work really well. I have also thought about making my own (with a different bag and rubber bands or tape or something)
    I think it would be perfectly fine, just maybe a little tricky to keep them on whilst pumping and take them off without spilling. The Medela bags are made to stand up.
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