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Thread: More milk from one side?

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    Default More milk from one side?

    So, I've been exclusively pumping for my daughter basically since she was born (she's a month old today), due to latching on issues.

    I use a Medela Pump In Style, double breast pump.
    As of late, I'm getting more milk from one breast than the other- I get about 5 oz from one side and 2-3 from the other. Is that normal? Should I be pumping on that one side for a few minutes longer to ensure that I'm emptying the breast?

    And I don't know what my issue is today, but the lower part of my breasts feel hard and I'm pretty uncomfortable. Maybe I just need to pump some more?

    I hope eventually I'll have this whole pumping thing figured out.

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    Default Re: More milk from one side?

    Totally normal! on the 5 oz from one side...showoff!

    My right side is so much less productive, I don't know if it's because he perfers to nurse on the left so it gets more time, but for whatever reason the left outputs much more.
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    Totally normal. I get way more from the right side then the left (its also bigger too )
    I have never been able to get it sorted out.

    edited to add: I am more comfortable nursing on the left side, and more likely to nurse on that side, so I would think it would be the better performer but.. its not
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    Default Re: More milk from one side?

    My left boob is a bigger producer than my right one and has been from the first time I pumped. It was also LO's favorite side when we were nursing. Faster letdown and a longer flow. Sounds normal to me.

    As for the hard spots on the breast and the discomfort, it could be that you have some milk ducts that aren't getting emptied. Have you tried massage? Massage a little before, pump for 10 minutes or so, then massage again before finishing. When I had spots like that, I also tried warm compresses for five minutes before I pumped and that seemed to help a lot.
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