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Thread: discouraged and frustrated

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    Unhappy discouraged and frustrated

    I have been pumping for almost 3 weeks if not longer and my supply has not increased. Since I have been taking the fenugreek I have been getting sprays of milk but the milk flow only last for 2-3 minutes and then nothing! Am I doing something wrong? I need some encouragement because I am getting extreamly frustrated and wanting to quit. The most milk I get all day is maybe 1/2 ounce, when is it going to increase and should I be doing more or is this the end of my milk supply? Someone please help!

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    Default Re: discouraged and frustrated

    How many times are you pumping a day?
    Have you adjusted the suction level? I can get some out on med setting but can even get more at the max. I may have to take a few deep breaths at the begenning, but its all for more milk right!
    Are you hand expressing after pumping? I found out that i can get a bit out after pumping, maybe 1/4 tsp up to 2tsps.
    Maybe you can try that. Even now that i am getting a few ounces out at a time, i can always get a little bit more, sometimes even sprays with hand expressing after my pump.
    You could also after you pump, massage your breasts for a few min and try again, that helps me sometimes.

    I am so tired right now but if i thnk of anything else i will be sure to post it.
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    I agree with the pp's questions and suggestions.

    In addition, here is another idea to consider--looking at an "input goal" rather than an "output goal". Right now, you are measuring how much milk you pump (an "output goal"). What if you measured how many minutes you are putting into pumping and how many sessions each day (an "input goal")?

    Also, consider sticking with your current process for a specific number of days, and then do it without question for that many days, without evaluating whether it is working. Sort of going on auto-pilot and not second guessing yourself.
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    Thanks those are really good suggestions. I guess sometimes I don't put in as much time as I should due to three children running around and keeping up with playdates but I will definately try to be more strict in my approach and looking more for input and not out put.

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