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Thread: Pumping bra???

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    Default Pumping bra???

    So today I am starting my relactating journey. I really want to be able to do it hands free. Is buying a pumping bra the best way to go? I have heard ppl before saying they just cut holes in their bra. I tried this, and the pump stayed in place, but it wasn't tight enough to get any suction. So I still had to hold them.

    What do you all do?? I have a double pump... lansinoh

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    i used a medela PISA, and a cheap nursing sports bra from Target (1 size smaller than i actually wear in the cup) i cut holes into the flap in the position for the horns, tiny nickel sized holes, and took the flange apart to get it in place. the first time i used it i thought i'd just wasted 11.99, i use it 3 times a day now, while folding laundry or reading a book, or writing my grocery/to do lists... HTH
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    I used a sports bra w/holes for a few months and it did a decent job but because the holes are not sewn in, w/time the holes got too big.
    So I ended up buying the easy expression bustier, which will make it easy for me to pump @ work w/out taking off my shirt. I really like the bustier and you can find it and the halter on ebay for much cheaper than anywhere else. If you're planning on pumping for a while then invest in the bra, (the price is like buying 2 sports bras) if you're planning on pumping sporadically then go w/the sports bra.
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    I have this: http://store.babycenter.com/product/...r.do?asc=false

    I love it. I work FT, so pumping has been a way of life for me 5 days a week. I can continue to work while pumping with this thing. Plus, it's lasted thru 2 babies and pumping time of over a 1.5 years. I'd say it was worth the money.

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