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Thread: I think the cone on my pump might be too small? What are your thoughts?

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    Default I think the cone on my pump might be too small? What are your thoughts?

    So, I was looking at a thread here and I noticed that sometimes milk output can be hindered by cones that are too small. I originally thought that mine might be too big so I bought some flexisheilds to help with stimulation to the areola. I was reading from a link that when you see skin flecs on the cone, that means it's too small.

    Well, I've got skin flecs! I also notice that the pump is only grabbing (TMI possibly?) my nipple and a small portion (and I mean small) of my areola. Now, since I'm a relactating mama, I don't have much output to begin with but I'm wondering now if this is why I had trouble with the Medela. I am currently using an Ameda Purely Yours with the standard size cones.

    I guess my question is, are skin flecs normal or is that a sign of a cone being too small? Also, should the pump be getting more of my areola than just a small area around my nipple? I personally don't see how there is stimulation if it's not getting my areola but I know nothing about pumps.

    Help?! I've been pumping off and on for a week now and started to get colostrum but I am stuck in that phase. I decided that today I am getting serious about this (meaning pumping on a schedule, taking my herbs, eating my oatmeal, the works) but I never thought to check my pump shields! Could this be my problem? My IBCLC told me that I should be getting measurable amounts by now but I'm still only getting a few drops. Which don't get me wrong, is certainly progress since my baby is 4 months old and hasn't nursed since he was 2 days old. I'm not complaining but I want to see this work...


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    Default Re: I think the cone on my pump might be too small? What are your thoughts?

    Hi There and cheers to you for your efforts! What you are doing is awesome!

    Regarding the size of your pump funnels (I think they are 'technically' called the breastshields by most vendors), size does matter. I had recurrent blebs (milk blisters) and the IBCLCs I worked with worried that part of the problem could have been due to the wrong size shields.

    From what I understand, the aerola should NOT rub against the plastic of the pump parts, shields or whatever. If it does, that is unnessary friction and not a good thing - and I could see that it might also hinder proper suction/pull on your milk. I believe that the Ameda has different size shields and that you can get larger ones than what come standard with the pump unit. Check this out: http://www.amedababy.com/custom-brea...-inserts.shtml -- it might be worthwhile if you are questioning the fit of your pump.

    There are several contact numbers on the Ameda site; maybe one of the folks there could answer questions about whether this part is worth a try? Has your LC seen how your pump 'fits' your nipples? Maybe that's worth a chat, too.

    Good luck!!

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