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Thread: Weaning cold turkey

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    Several people in my very large family have weaned cold turkey- but no-one has done it at less than a year so I don't know how relevant my info is. Weaning from 3-4 toddler feedings per day is a lot different from weaning a newborn. Anyway, the ones who weaned that way usually did it because they were "feeling done" or because of pregnancy.

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    Well I know this is an old thread, but since it has come up and just in case anyone reads it looking for info I'll put in my 2 cents (or another 2 cents, which are maybe a little more valuable than the 2 I put in at the beginning of the thread).

    I weaned cold turkey when my son was 9 months and it was horrible. I got painfully engorged despite frequent pumping, developed mastitis within 24 hours- fever, shakes, fatigue. I went on a crazy hormonal roller coaster with frequent bouts of uncontrollable tears and emotionally withdrew from my baby.

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't forced to do it. And if you are forced to do it...just be prepared that it's going to be really really hard and feel free to PM me if you want to talk about it.
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