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Thread: 8 mos and need to increase one side

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    Default 8 mos and need to increase one side

    Hi, I'm reposting something that I originally had under another section but maybe will get more advice if I put it in this one - since it is more specifically a pumping question and I really really could use some advice!

    DS is almost 8 mos and BF since birth. One side has always produced far less than the other side. The good side has an ample supply and I never worry about it. The low side is really low and he does not like to eat off it and is frustrated that it hardly has anything there. This further exacerbates the problem of low supply on that side. I've never had to supplement and he seems satisfied with the good side and a little from the low side.

    My issue is, I just don't like the feeling that one side is hardly producing, and I worry about only having one good breast to support him with! I don't want to stop BF anytime soon. I can't offer the low side first for most feedings since he wants the good side first when he's hungry. He doesn't pacify at the breast so I can't just latch him on and make him suck to stimulate it more. Only eats for 2-5 min per side and then is done.

    In the past month he has eaten so poorly off the low side and I can tell it's gotten even lower, I have been pumping it 3-4 times per day for 15 min each time, in addition to his feedings. I have not seen any increase in production at all. He eats off it once at night when it's a little fuller.

    Is there anything I can do at this point to really boost the production on the low side, or should I just let it be? I'm not interested in taking any medications or supplements at this point. Should I be doing anything special with the pumping to maximize its effectiveness?

    I'm starting to get sore from the pumping so I've had to turn the suction way down, I have a Medela PIS.

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    Default Re: 8 mos and need to increase one side

    I dealt with the same situation when my son was younger. I want to say from 6 months on I mainly nursed on my right side. It started when I got a blocked duct in my left breast that seemed to do some tissue damage since it never bounced back. It would get engorged, but there was about an inch square that would always stay soft. The advice I was given was to offer,but don't stress. Mothers of twins manage to nurse successfully, so I was confident that I could continue nursing my son on one good breast.

    I was a little self-conscious about the extreme lop-sided appearance. I was an A cup on my left and a C cup on my right! But after getting pregnant, they have balanced out and my left side has grown.

    I would get blocked ducts from pumping, so I didn't use that method.

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