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Thread: output crash

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mumtothomas View Post
    Just before my first postpartum period I had a really big drop in supply, but it rebounded within a few days. After that, every month I noticed a drop, but not nearly as big as the first time. I just did what PP said; pushed oatmeal, ate lactation cookies (lol the name cracks me up), took fenugreek.
    There is such a thing as "lactation COOKIES!" MMMM! Where can I find some?

    I am curious when you had your first postpartum period. I am going on 7 months and nothing, but I know it is usually delayed with BF. With my first LO I did not have a period until I stopped nursing her at about 14 months.

    I did not have to pump with my first one, but my situation has changed and I have to pump ALL the time with our 2nd. I also recently had a drop in my supply. I have gone to great lengths to increase it so I will have some stored up, but I have topped out at 18 oz./day. During my recent crash I got maybe 12 oz, requiring me to dip into my freezer stash which is not depleted.

    I think I am back to 18oz. but it has been a struggle. I drink Mother's Milk tea 3+ times a day. I eat oatmeal every morning (UGH!). I pump every 2 hours for 10-20 minutes depending on my nipples soreness (story in another post). I have purchased larger breast shields. And still I only get 18 ozs. It is only enough to make bottles for the following day. I was hoping that once my DD started eating solids I would be able to start storing up, but it is not the case.

    I will end it there because that brings up daycare issues and that is for another thread.

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    I had my first PP period at 13.5 weeks. I felt very cheated!

    I will try to post the recipe we used for lactation cookies--Thomas's dad made them and packed them every day for me to take with me. (You can also google "lactation cookies", which also cracks me up!) They contain oatmeal, flaxseed, brewer's yeast, and some other things I can't remember, and you can add chocolate chips, etc. They're pretty much glorified oatmeal cookies.

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    Update- I replaced the pump parts and ate oatmeal for snack and breakfast and drank a ton of water and today I got 4 oz. Not back to narmal, but not all bad! I am hope the tips you guys said will continue to build it up, thanks
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    The one thing that really helped us when I was pumping and noticed a dip in supply was to take a sick day and spend the day nursing and relaxing.
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    Same here about the period...mine returned at 9 months and my supply dipped big time for a couple of days. When this would happen I would add extra pumping sessions at home (one before bed, one first thing in the morning, and a couple on the weekends) just to make ends meet. Good luck
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