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Thread: Preparing for September

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    Default Preparing for September

    I have been back to work for a while now, but dd comes with me and i nurse her there. In Sept. (well very late Aug.) I start my year long intership where dd will be at DC without me for three days. The DC isn't the problem because it is where i work I just want to make sure that i have enough pumped for the days that i'm not there. She will be 8.5 mos. She takes the bottles just fine when i need her too, so that isn't an issue, but how much is. She has taken anywhere from 4-5 oz now, but do you think two 5 oz bottles is enough? or should i do three? I don't want to waste it, and i want to make sure i have enough saved up to get through AT LEAST 4 months, when she turns a year. I don't plan on completely stopping nursing then, but i'm hoping to not hav to pump

    I should tell your our schedule - Last nurse at home at 8, breakfast at 8:30-9, nurse between 10:30 and 11:30, nurse around 2, home at 5:30 and nurse on and off the rest of the night, including dinner at 6:30-7. I will nurse her more if she needs/wants it, but this is why i was thinking that 2 bottles would be enough. B/c i Know that i nurse her twice while im there with her.

    I was also trying to think if by then she will be "trying" a cup or possibly a small lunch.

    Sorry this is so long, but i'm planning ahead to make sure i have enough pumped for her... TIA

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    Default Re: Preparing for September

    I am away from my DD for about 12 hours a day, due to my commute and working hours (long story). Therefore, I have been reading through several other posts and I came across a suggestion that I have used and it works really well. I modified it based on how I know my DD nurses and eats at home. I make 4-4 oz bottles and 2-2 oz. The 2 ouncers are for times when my DD seems to want more, but not a whole lot more. Sort of goes along the lines of "nursing her more when she needs/wants it." So if you are on the fence about the 3rd bottle, just make 2 smaller bottles.

    Since my DD started eating solids, she will only take 3 bottles and the daycare uses the 2 oz bottles in a sippy cup for lunch.

    I hope this will guide you in preparing for your time away from your LO, at least it is only 3 days a week!

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    Default Re: Preparing for September

    Could you leave a couple snacker bottles for her? If she didn't use them, you could freeze the milk that night and prepare fresh ones for her for the next day. Later, the two ouncers could be combined for a bottle or used to mix with rice cereal or oatmeal. Would you consider leaving some for a sippy cup? I remember my LC mentioning that at a recent support group meeting.
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