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Thread: Dropping the before bed feeding

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    Question Dropping the before bed feeding

    I've been continuing to BF my 13 month old before bed at night and first thing in the AM. He eats a lot of solids and drinks water and a little milk from a sippy during the day but has refused to take a bottle since just before his birthday. I would like to wean entirely, but I've also wanted to take it slow for his sake and we have kind of stalled where we are now.

    I've been feeling like my milk supply is getting much lower at night and for the the past week or so he has seemed frustrated, like he doesn't want to wait for the let down (which seems to be taking ever longer to come). The past few nights he's sucked a little, cried a little, sucked a little more, but has finally latched on enough to get to the letdown and seemed happy when it finally happened. Tonight, however, he started sucking, then started crying hysterically and would not calm down or resume sucking. The only thing that calmed him finally was when I put him in his crib with his paci, and he appears to have gone right to sleep.

    Since this is my first time going through weaning, I have some questions I'm hoping someone can answer:

    How can I figure out if he was crying because of the letdown issue or because he truly did not want to BF?

    Since I've been looking to cut out this feeding, if this works ok should I take this as an opportunity? Meaning, if he doesn't wake up starving in the middle of the night tonight, should I not offer before he goes to bed tomorrow?

    On the waking up starving issue, at what age do babies not need to eat anything before bed anymore if they are eating a good dinner? Should I be giving him some sort of snack right before bed if he's not going to BF any more? If so, what is a good snack to give? I'd love to get him to drink a sippy of milk before bed but he prefers water.

    He's been night weaned for months, but if he does wake up tonight, should I assume he's hungry and feed him? Or am I going to set a dangerous precedent by doing so?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Dropping the before bed feeding

    The night feeding was the first one my lo got weaned from and mostly since I had a bible study class at night.. It was easier for my dh... We didn't have any problems we normally give her a healthy snack hour before bed since we all eat dinner around 5 and she get a sippy of milk to drink on till we brush her teeth before bed.. This worked for us but I am sure there are tons of ways to do this.. I wouldn't worry to much if you LO is eating a healthy dinner about them getting hungary.. I don't have any advice about the crying when my lo self weaned the rest of the way at 19 months she would just tell me no and wiggle out of my arms..So sorry I don't have advice about that.. but I hope this helps a little...
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