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Thread: 8 mo. and only cereal!

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    Default 8 mo. and only cereal!

    I feel so behind with Baby no. 2. I only give her cereal with bm at bedtime. I feel like she is so full, I can't offer her anything else. When should I start giving her some lunch. I was thinking of offering veg and fruit at lunch.

    I feel like she should have tasted everything by now?! With my son I felt so hurried to introduce solids because I got pregnant when he was 8 mo. old. So , I think I'm going slower this time. She also was not eating cereal 'till she was 7 mo., 'cause she wasn't ready.

    I'm not into the baby led thing, so as far as puree goes when should I start finger foods?

    I hope this wasn't totally confusing.
    Really tired.

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    Default Re: 8 mo. and only cereal!

    Well, by 8MO, you may be able to skip most purees. Soft-cooking and soft finger foods should be okay now. Here is a good site that I use all the time. If you are interested in pureeing or making your own food. It also lets you know when to introduce different foods. GL!

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    Default Re: 8 mo. and only cereal!

    i LOVE that site!! i use it all the time...
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    You are fine!!! We didn't even start solids until 8 months or so. If you baby seems to like it try adding some fruit or veggies or soft finger foods. We never did purees just cut everything pea sized. My dd is 13 months and doesn't eat much solids. She still nurses for 75% of her nutrition at least.

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