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Thread: 10.5 mo showing reduced interest in bm

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    Default 10.5 mo showing reduced interest in bm

    Hi all!

    So, I know that it's normal for babies to become more difficult to nurse as they get older and more interested in the world around them - mine is definitely very busy and distractable these days!! But we're still able to do pretty well about every 4 hours or so without too much of a problem.

    Over the last few days, though, she has completely lost interest in one of her regular feedings. I know that until 12 months, milk is more important than food, but then after 12 months, they will likely eat more than drink... is it normal to start "transitioning" to that? Even if we drop that nursing session, she'll still be nursing more than eating, I think. She eats solids very well and is doing great there. We are very careful to give her a very balanced diet.

    Right now she nurses about 6 times a day. With the session that she's resisting or ignoring, that will be 5. Is that ok? As we all know, we can't force a child to nurse...

    And if we do drop this feeding, how long will it be before I feel better?! I'm so engorged right now and I know the bedtime feeding coming up is not going to make me feel "all" better.


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    Default Re: 10.5 mo showing reduced interest in bm


    Does she seem to be replacing that session with solids? If so you might try to back off the solids just a little bit to see if that helps.
    If she seems to dropping it of her own accord, and lessening solids doesn't seem to help then that may just be her own natural progression.
    It will take your body a few days to a week to really get the message! If it really really hurts you can hand express or pump JUST enough to take the edge off, don't drain the breast that will just make it worse.

    Will she nurse in a dark room without distraction? Is she teething right now?
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    Default Re: 10.5 mo showing reduced interest in bm

    I think I read on kellymom that you baby should be getting no more than 25% of his nutrition from solids at 1 year old... so if you baby is still nursing plenty I would think 5 times a day is fine. Just make sure you nurse at least 4 times a day otherwise she will need other milk/formula etc.

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