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    So, I went to my WIC appt today and asked them to give us more formula. I am right now buying $45 worth on top of the $150 worth they give me. She is only drinking about 5 oz bottles... what about when she is drinking 8 oz???? They said that they gave me the most they can. So that made my decision to relactate. I start a new job 2 weeks from today, and I am going to pump there.

    Soooo my ? is... I know I need to pump between 2-3 hours. But how long should I pump for each time? Last time I tried it I got a few drops, but it hurt, so I stopped at like 10 minutes. How long should I go??

    And what if she doesn't want to latch on again. I have been having baths with her, and I will continue to do topless skin to skin time.... but what if even after all that she won't latch. Does this happen??

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    I admire your commitment.

    Most of the relactation sources say to pump for 15-20min every 2-3hrs. If it hurts to pump, try adjusting the suction to something that's more comfortable for you. You can also try lubricating the flanges, so it doesn't rub on your skin as much.

    You can do this!
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    Just chiming in to echo Shannon's encouragement.

    And to make sure you're aware of this web site http://www.lowmilksupply.org/
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