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Thread: Need help ASAP!

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    Question Need help ASAP!

    You may have read my other post about not pumping enough...well, I have managed to find a way to pump enough to send enough BM with my ds to day care. However, I have a new problem (sigh).

    I have been offered a new position within the law firm for which I work, and it is something I have wanted for a long, long time. It's an IT position, and I have wanted to get back into IT since moving here from Virginia, but couldn't find a job. However, in accepting this position, I will lose my office, and have to move into an office with another person. I HAVE to pump 3x per day at work in order to have enough bottles. Here are my options:

    1. Tell them I can't take the position because I can't give up my office.
    2. Tell them I'll take the office with the other person, but my pumping has to be accomodated.
    3. Ask my old boss if I can stay in this office for another 8 months so I can BF for at least the first year of ds's life (but that means I can't let him wean when he wants). And, he will probably say no.

    What should I do? HELP!!

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    I also share an office at work. I discussed it with him and arranged to have the office to myself when I need it ---however, I am his supervisor so it was easy for me to "tell" him I need the office to myself (as opposed to asking). I think I would discuss your predicament with your boss and work something out. You shouldn't be passed over for promotion b/c you are BF and need accomodation for that.

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    Congrats on the new position! If the person you are sharing the office with can't accomidate you, perhaps there is a conference room or another spot that you can use for pumping? Best to try to talk through it ahead of time. I know it can be kind of awkward.

    I think many moms phase out or cut down on pumping after the one year mark, but are able to still bf in the evenings and weekends. The frequency may only be 3-4 times a day.
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    Congrats on the opportunity!
    In situations like this, I suggest taking the most positive and proactive of stances. If you present it as a problem, then it's more likely to be perceived as such. In the scheme of things, this is NOT a huge thing to accomodate and if you are being considered for this kind of promotion, you are obviously considered valuable to your place of work. So.... forge ahead and and say that you would love to take the position and would like to set a plan for how you will deal with your current biological constraints, which are short-term. Be prepared to make suggestions to the problem - like asking if it's possible to rig up a removable curtain or barrier in your office (maybe not practical), or if you know the person with whom you would share the office, see if they might be willing to let you take the office solo for three 15 minutes slots during the day (you can time at least one when they are at lunch and perhaps one of the others on a break or something??), or, as the PP mentioned, ask if there is a conference room or closet somewhere that you can routinely use at a scheduled time. Emphasize that this is not forever and certainly is a short span of time in comparison with your hopes of staying with the company for much longer!!

    Best of luck...don't pass up this opportunity; it should be work-able!

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