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    I know other people have had issues too and I read a lot of other threads but still don't know what to do.

    5/25/08 I pumped then cooled then froze BM. In Lano.. bags with the double ziploc on the top then put into plastic tray with lid by first years I think. In middle of my freezer (side by side fridge/freezer), not against the walls. Freezer keeps ice cream good and hard.

    Defrosted milk in fridge overnight. It has a funny smell, not sour. So I tasted it, funny...not rancid not sour not soapy. Had DH taste it he says not freezer burn but I thought maybe. Had no choice but to give it to LO because we were at ortho doc when we discovered all this and she had to have a bottle. She sucked it down like nothing was wrong with it.

    Is it ok to keep giving this to her. I check the other 3 bags I defrosted at the same time and they all smell the same way. What do you think it is?
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    If she drank it I would think it was o.k. I don't think LO would drink milk that was bad.
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    I think it's fine. Even if you did have a lipase issue, it wouldn't hurt lo to drink the milk. Most of the time, they will refuse it. Was it metallic tasting?

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