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Thread: How much liquids should LO have?

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    Default How much liquids should LO have?

    DD just turned 1 and I am wanting to begin to wean her. She has been exclusively on bm since birth. The only time she takes a bottle is 1x per night 3x a week when I am at work. She sucks it right down out of the bottle, but will not take ebm out of a sippy. I have introduced cows milk to her and she only takes a few sips of it and has no more interest in it (at least she's not spitting it out now!) Today, she only nursed once before I went to work (other than overnight). How do I make sure she is getting enough liquids? Water vs. milk? (She drinks water better and out of a sippy) I want to get her off the bottle, but she will not take milk out of the sippy. Any suggestions on getting her off the bottle?
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    Default Re: How much liquids should LO have?

    My LO only ever drinks water out of a sippy and he seems perfectly content with that. I've given him juice sometimes and he looks at me like I'm trying to poison him. I nurse him about 3xs a day and he's 15 months. He also gets one bottle of cows milk to go to sleep at night with dad. In order to get him used to cows milk we would just mix it with BM in greater and greater proportions.

    Of course, no one NEEDS cows milk, so if she's not interested in it, so what. At long as she's getting enough water from the sippy she's fine. She should get her nourishment from food anyway, not cow's milk. Just watch her diapers and the look of her overall to make sure she's not getting dehydrated. Also, just to make sure, you may want to offer more wet foods, such as melons, to make sure she's getting enough liquids.

    Good luck, tell us how it goes.
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