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Thread: Will a sports bra reduce my supply?

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    Question Will a sports bra reduce my supply?

    I am an EP-er, own a PISA and was tired of holding the bottles. Being the crafty and impatient person that I am, I decided I could just make myself a pumping bra. So I cut holes out of a sports bra and it works great! I can wear it all day and it has cut my pumping prep time by a few precious minutes, plus made the experience much more bearable. For example, I am pumping and typing right now!

    Anywho, DH said he heard sports bras decrease milk supply because they kinda compress the breasts.

    I don't wanna give up my free hands free pumping bra ... does anyone know if there're any facts behind this??

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Will a sports bra reduce my supply?

    I wore sports bras while I was nursing and had no problems. I am curious too if this could of been a problem...
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    Default Re: Will a sports bra reduce my supply?

    Not sure about a sports bra per se. IME, if I wear a bra that is too constricting/tight I'll get sore nipples/achy breast - this happened with my first baby in 2002 and again after my 4th baby this year. I didn't notice a decrease in supply though. The bra that I'm currently having luck with has a sort of sports bra style to it though so as long as your sports bra fits really well I'd think you'd be okay.
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    Default Re: Will a sports bra reduce my supply?

    Lots of mothers have created a pumping bra the same way and have no problems.

    Binding breasts in order to reduce or eliminate milk supply is so tight that it is painful to the mother.

    Hope that helps reassure you.
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