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Thread: Advice and tips for a relactating mama?

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    Default Advice and tips for a relactating mama?

    Hi mama's!

    I am in the process of relactating for my 4 month old son. I haven't breastfed him since he was 2 days old but we nursed wonderfully at the time. My milk supply recently dried out about 4 to 6 weeks ago.

    I also have PPD (I self diagnosed, not on meds yet but was diagnosed by my OB at 4 weeks post, never took meds) and I'm concerned how having PPD and meds will effect my success.

    Any advice and/or tips? Any mama's with success? Or maybe a mama or 2 in the same boat as me with the PPD?

    Thanks for any advice/support you ladies can give me...


    ETA: Sorry this was so brief, lol. I was tired last night when I wrote this. Currently I am pumping (With an Ameda Purely Yours as I didn't like the Medela Lactina) as often as possible, hand expressing and I just started herbs today. I am currently taking More Milk Plus and an 1 capsule of fenugreek and 1 of blessed thistle (in addition to the more milk plus, which already has these in it). I am expecting a delivery today of some 'flexisheilds' which are supposed to help in areola stimulation. I try to get DS to latch but he still only laughs at my breast. I also have breast shields and an SNS (though I'm getting a new SNS as I'm missing some parts to mine, lol) but I haven't tried to use them yet. With the PPD, I am very easily discouraged and get upset very easily so I haven't really attempted to physically breastfeed other than to offer him the breast a few times a day. Hmm... If I think of anything else to add, I'll update again.
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    Default Re: Advice and tips for a relactating mama?

    yay! good for you! just be very consistant! and try not to be discouraged! are you getting anything from the pump yet?
    what helped me was seeing my supply boost every day.
    i went from drops to a week later getting 3/4ths of an oz, to 3 oz and now I am at 8 oz a day (and i am on what? week 7 I think)

    He would also not latch unless I wore my nipple shield and ONLY when he was tired. he never took a binki though so i guess it helped .

    we did that for i think 4 weeks and i tried to get him on without the shield and he latched without it and he is now nursing (only for comfort he won't take me when I have milk in my breast sad) but yeah he comfort nurses at least 3 times a day and that is when my supply really started to build faster !

    remember you have to remove milk to make milk! i can't pump but I can hand express . so i found a way for me to remove the milk.

    the SNS . it takes practice and patience I hear. I tried for a long time, but get easily stressed. after 2 weeks of trying and barely any success I quit. It wasn't helping up but hinder our improvement And that saddens me.

    if you can get it to work and I hope you can, it can REALLY boost your supply!

    goodluck to yoU! there are a few of us on here trying right now with successes!

    remember any amount of milk you can get is good for you little one! set goals and maybe that can help!

    my first goal was 1 bottle a day of BM, i reached that and went to 2 bottles. not I am working on 3 bottles a day !

    it will take time LOTS of time but you can do it!


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