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Thread: need help, starting to wean

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    Default need help, starting to wean

    My LO is just over 11 months now, and I'd like to start pumping less at work. My question is, if I reduce from two pumps to one on work days, what do I do on days off and weekends? Still nurse frequently, or supplement with some formula? Hope this makes sense.

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    What I did was just nurse when he wanted to on days off and weekends. We never had a problem.

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    I gradually cut back pumping sessions at work, but kept the usual nursing schedule for days off/weekends with no problem. When I finally dropped the last pumping session at work, my breasts were slightly engorged by the time I got home, but the supply eventually evened out. It was around 12-13 m that I gave up pumping at work -- it made the whole BF experience much more pleasant!

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