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Thread: Are nectarines okay?

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    Default Are nectarines okay?

    My husband was eating a nectarine the other day and DD grabbed a piece and put it to her mouth. DH was surprised to discover she had eaten a very small bite out of it before he took it away. Is nectarine okay to give her? I've heard of peaches, but hadn't heard anyone mention nectarines.

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    Nectarines are wonderful. Looks like you've got a little one ready to mooch!
    The only thing I'd be careful about is washing it really well and removing the skin first (because of pesticide use ... I read on Consumer Reports that nectarines are reported to have a higher rate of them for some reason). It stated: "Among fruits, nectarines had the highest percentage testing positive for pesticide residue."

    That's actually a great little page for info on what is most important to buy organic:
    When buying organic pays (and doesn't)

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