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    My daughter and I have been having latching issues and both of my nipples are sore and cracked. I don't want to stop breastfeeding, so yesterday I began pumping when I would normally breastfeed and then I give my baby the breastmilk from a bottle. I have been getting about 2 oz from each breast each time I pump. Does this seem reasonable? I'm not sure how much I should give her in the bottle. I want to make sure she is getting enough, but not too much. If she wants to eat at 8, I give her previously pumped milk at that time and when she's done eating, I will pump one side and then a couple of hours later when she is ready to eat again, I will give her the already pumped milk and then pump the other side. Is this okay? I've left a message for a LC, but haven't heard back yet. I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing for my baby and milk supply. I am putting her to the breast (still painful) a few times during the day (instead of pumping) just so she will stay used to the breast as I do want to continue that as soon as my nipples heal a bit. I bought a nipple shield today as well, so I'd like to see if that helps. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I feel like a failure for having to give her the breast milk from a bottle, but I guess it's better than formula, right? Thanks in advance!

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    you're not a failure by any means!!! you are doing what you need to do!

    how old is your lo? that may make a difference as to how much to give her... what are you putting on your nipples? i used PureLan 100 and just plain old BM and let them air dry, don't cover them up right away.

    when dd was first born, we had to bottle feed one feeding, bf the next, and that pattern for a few weeks b/c she was a preemie. we also used the shield b/c of latching issues. i actually was getting more pain pumping than anything else, so i was using the nursings as my healing time... by the time she was about 6 weeks or so (full term for her) she was taking about 3oz or so and ate every 3-4 hours. i would pump when she would bottle feed from dh. i didn't have a supply probem so that wasn't an issue for me.

    Do what feels right mama, and as long as she is having good wet diapers, you know she is getting enough hang in there!!

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    Thanks for the reply - I do feel better knowing that what i'm doing is okay. I just pumped from my right side (the more sore side) and only got 1 oz (usually get about 2 oz per side), but when my dd wakes up I'm going to try to feed her from the leftside using the shield. She is only 10 days old so I'm sure my supply will only increase as I continue to feed or pump every 2-3 hours. My engorgement finally feels like it's going away, but it makes me feel like I have less milk. Anyway, I guess I'll try the shield and pump and see if I can get past the sore nipples enough to work on our latch issues. Hopefully I will hear from the LC soon. thanks!

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    Hi! I am new to the board, and have not given birth yet, but from what friends and drs, etc have told me, the best thing for sore nipples is lanolin. It helps heal dry, cracked nipples, and is safe for the baby, so you don't have to wash it off. My midwife recommended that I get the lansinoh brand; that is the one the LLL recommends, too. They also said hot compresses work...but not sure if that was for sore nipples, or just engorgement! Good luck! I think breast milk is better than formula, so even if it comes from a bottle, it is still breast milk. HTH! Marie

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