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Thread: soy or cow's milk?

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    Default soy or cow's milk?

    my sweet little man just turned one. I would like to introduce milk into his diet... mainly just to introduce it, not to replace bm. what are the benefits of soy vs. cow's milk? what did you choose to offer your child?
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    Default Re: soy or cow's milk?

    dr sears has some info on his web site....
    they don't need extra milk if they are nursing 3-4 times well in 24 hours

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    Default Re: soy or cow's milk?

    Soy is not good, especially for children. Cow's milk you want to get from a trusted source that does not use hormones or antibiotics, preferably grassfed and raw. As an alternative, diluted coconut milk is a good source of fat and nutrients.

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    I was/am scared of the possibilities of soy, so we go with regular cow's milk. Organic usually. They really don't drink a lot of it, it mostly goes on cereal or in cooking.

    Soy milk is different to cook with, too. It does NOT make a good cake frosting.

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