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    Talking Good news!

    Well I have been pumping for 4 days or so and since yesterday I have been feeling a warm kind of tingling sensation every few hours in my girls! I still have not been producing much milk but I'm hoping that wierd sensation is a good thing. I'm hoping eating oatmeal will help with the production. Anyway I just thought I would share.

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    That's great news!! I'm hoping for some news like yours soon, I'm on day 7 now. I've been eating my oatmeal and more protein helps too.

    So happy for you, keep us updated. Good news is great!
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    Good job!! Congrats mama!

    Loving being a first time mom to Mia Lynn! Born 2/26/08!!

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    Coming home: 7 lbs 6 oz
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    way to go it sounds like things are going beter....
    heres some more clips:


    clips on right


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