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    Question Pump recommendations?

    Hi! I am due in about 1-2 weeks, and am thinking about purchasing a pump for the times I am away from home so my husband can feed the baby. I have been researching pumps, but since this is my first baby, I am pretty clueless about what to look for. The two I like the most so far (based on reviews) are the Ameda and Lansinoh brands. Does anyone have recommendations? Also, would it be better to get electric or manual? I will be primarily breastfeeding, but want to allow my husband to help maybe twice a week when I got back to work. Thanks!

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    I exclusively pump since returning back to work and I have a Medela Pump In Style Advanced, double electric pump. It is great. I used it for those infrequent pumping times when I was at home with DD and loved even for occasional use.
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    I also pump exclusively, and I have the Medela PISA. I would say if you plan on nursing for awhile or if you plan on having another child, it would be a worthy investment. If you really only plan on pumping twice a week, I have heard good things about the Lansinoh pump. I really do love the Medela pumps though, they tend to work really well.

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    I had an avent isis manual pump. it was great for occasional use and when baby started sleeping longer at night and had to relieve my sore boobs. But it was recalled (in canada anyway), so I'm gonna try the medela manual one. If you're pumping full-time, you prebably only need a manual one.

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    I have a Medela Pump In Style and love it. It travels well, too, in a nifty black backpack, so it could go to work with you.

    If you're going to pump some, buy a couple kits (flanges and the rest of the plastic bits) so that you're not constantly washing up. It's also good to have some of the milk storage freezer bags. I like the Medela ones.
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    Most working mothers like the Medela PISA or Purely Yours/Lansinoh pumps, or a rental if you can get it. Check with your insurance company, some will cover pumps if you ask.

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    If you're only pumping occasionally I would try a manual pump first instead of spending more on an electric. I use an advent Isis and find it fantastic. It's fast, painless, and was much less expensive. I use to pump every night for about 2 weeks to start a freezer stash, but now I just pump if dh uses some of the freezer stash (I replace it when I come home or as he is bottle feeding).

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    The Medela PISA is a great investment, very handy, I take it to work evertday. You never know how much you'll be using it and the double electric make pumping a lot less time consuming
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