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Thread: Cold BM???

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    DS seems to be quite picky about the temp. I guess that might be the problem why he wasn't taking it from a bottle anymore. I've tried different nipples which did help a bit but then I realized that that wasn't really the solution. I'm kind of at a loss so the cold milk in a sippy was a last resort. It's a bit messy but great on a hot, humid day like today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*2xmom View Post
    Thank you for your support on holding off on the cereal. I have seen "BLS" posted in other messages and feel like a silly goose for asking but what does it mean???
    BLS stands for Baby Led Solid. Im not th right person to advise on it as I didnt practice it. I found about it too late . You can post your questions on the Introducing Solids forum. Im sure a lot of mamas can help you out.

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