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    Posted a similar ques in pregnancy forum, but I think it goes here too...

    I know a magical button doesnt get turned on at their 1 yr old birthday date that allows them to accept cows milk on that day forward only..so I was wondering if anyone offered it to their lo a little earlier and if so, when???

    My lo is 10.5 and BF has been going GREAT!! but since I have gotten pregnant, it is sometimes short of torture! (not to mention the supply issue has been drastically decreasing) I really dont want to introduce formula NOW! My goal was to skip that all together! and I would have, if this new bundle of joy wasnt on its way

    I am trying so hard to last the month and a half but wonder if I can countdown a month instead!?!?!?!?

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    no. lo's are not able to digest milk proteins until they are older. if you NEED to stop bf'ing then you might want to talk about supplementing with your ped. i would not offer milk. hth
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    In addition to being a little hard on their tummy's, until babies are a year (or more) they need more than regular milk can offer (which is why formula companies are so successful). How is your LO with solids? If your lo is getting lots of nutrition through solids you may be able to pump in place of some feedings, freezing that milk for later. (ie, if your lo is eating 3-5 times a day and breastfeeding 6 times a day, you may be able to cut the breastfeeding down to 4 times a day and pump twice) This way you can wean from the breast early and offer expressed milk in a cup. Talk to your pediatrician about it and he/she may be able to recommend something.

    fwiw, I do know people who have offered cow's milk early. But those people went from formula to cows milk, so I'm not sure how a breastfed baby would react.

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    As the PP's have said, it's probably better to give formula for the next month and a half and then switch to cow's milk. Formula is no match for mama's milk, but it definitely beats cow's milk in terms of offering the right mix of sugars, proteins, fatty acids, etc.

    If your preggo breasts can still bear to combo-feed, your LO will still be getting lots of immunities and other good things from your milk, and you'll be getting a break.

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    I am wondering about the "magical 1st birthday button" as well. Do we just introduce cow's milk sometime after the 1st birthday and wait to see if they have a reaction?? How much is "enough" solids for proper nutrition?? I was hoping to ditch the pump totally by 13-15 months. We will be TTC #2 right after her 1st birthday, so I would "like" to be done nursing by then. (I know you can TTC while nursing, I just have enough fertility issues as it is!!)
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    I would try to help him get his nutrition from solids for the most part. He may not even take the formula. It tastes nasty!

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