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Thread: my 8 mont old refuses a bottle...

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    Default my 8 mont old refuses a bottle...

    and insists on nursing way more than she should need to. she eats solids, but recently decided that nursing is more fun, so she refuses breakfast.
    as a result, she nurses multiple times late at night, wakes once or twice a night to nurse, and wakes me early to nurse in the morning.

    i've tried letting her cry at night, but she just gets louder and more frantic. she still needs to nurse to sleep even in the day, so naptime means extra nursing. she used to take bottles in the past, though i am home with her, so i haven't given any for a while, and she decided not to take them anymore.

    any ideas how to get her on a bottle again without necessarily weaning? i only need to be able to get some time off, not stop nursing completely. i'd like to continue nursing her till she turns one.

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    Default Re: my 8 mont old refuses a bottle...

    If you'd like to have alternate ways to feed her, there are more options than bottles. She's made it clear that she doesn't like them, which may just mean that she loves you best

    Other ideas are here: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/bottle.html
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    Default Re: my 8 mont old refuses a bottle...

    Is it possible that your baby is teething? A lot of babies will nurse more frequently when teeth are troubling them. Nursing soothes sore gums and the closeness and cuddling is always good for a cranky, hurting baby.

    Sorry you're having such a tough time. Nights of little sleep are so draining! Have you read Elizabeth Pantley's The No-Cry Sleep Solution? If not, I really recommend it. It has a lot of gentle strategies to help your baby to sleep better and longer at night, and specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by a nursing mom.

    I hope things get easier soon!

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    Default Re: my 8 mont old refuses a bottle...

    yes, she's teething. in fact, i just got a look at her gumsand it looks like two teeth are almost here. i hope this is a light at the end of the tunnel...

    she used to love bottles, so i doubt she suddenly dislikes them. i understand the enjoyment of cuddling with mommy, but lately she seems to have separation anxiety too. does separation anxiety ever occur because of teething? it's strange, especially since she seems to prefer my husband hold her. any thoughts?

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    Default Re: my 8 mont old refuses a bottle...

    Separation anxiety begins at around 8 months for most babies. It's a very normal part of their development. They suddenly figure out that people (namely, you) can leave. And they miss you if you leave (yes, going down the hall counts as leaving!!). It is wonderful, because it means she is learning big, new things. It's a pain in the rear because it means she is clingy. But it's NORMAL. Hold her lots. Nurse her lots. It will reassure her, and keep things from getting worse. She will feel more steady and start to venture out again soon. She may be night waking more for the same reason. Again, you can choose, if you want, to reassure her and nurse her.

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