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Thread: MRSA and Breastfeeding PAIN

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    Default MRSA and Breastfeeding PAIN

    Ok so I just wanted to post some information about what happened to me in case someone else is out there having the same problems. I didn't find much online about this so I want to share.

    From day one I had cracked nipples. They never healed. I had to pump on one side because it was so excruciating. I had vasospasm because of the nipple trauma. Such pain!!! Even pumping didn't help to heal the nipples. I used Lanisoh, went without a bra, put breasts under the sun, had the latch checked numerous times etc. etc. etc. Sometimes the breasts would BURN and it felt like there were bruises in the tissue- not just the nipples. It was awful. I thought I had thursh but the baby was asymptomatic. Finally, one lactation consultant told me to get Jack Newman's all purpose nipple ointment. The cream helped the nipples heal. But the soreness continued. This was at about week 6. Oh and I also had a plugged duct at one point!

    Ok so all the while this was going on I started to get these boils/pimples. The first on my waist and I thought it was a bug bite. Then I got a horrible deep pimple on my nose - so painful. Then a sty on my eyelid that puffed up my whole eye. Finally on the inside of my thigh I got a huge boil. I went to the primary care doctor who cultured it and it came back positive for MRSA staph.

    I told my son's pediatrician about this so I could know what precautions to take with the baby. She said that 3 babies got MRSA from the same hospital at the same time (they were circumsized and my son was not).

    Now I am sure that I got MRSA in the hospital and that it infected my cracked nipples, thereby causing them not to heal and all the problems that stemmed from this. I never actually had a fever so I didn't think I had mastitis. I guess it was just in the breast.

    I want to warn new moms about STAPH infections of the breast. This infection is rampant in hospitals and can be very dangerous if you are immuno-comprimsed.

    I am also curious to know if anyone else knows anything about this and/or experienced it. The Jack Newman ointment helped exactly because it had an anti-bacterial in it.

    Tomorrow I finally go to an infectious disease specialist to decide whether to take antibiotics or not.

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    Default Re: MRSA and Breastfeeding PAIN

    Wow. That's quite a story. MRSA sounds so scary to most of us. I'm glad you finally got it diagnosed, and are seeking treatment.

    LLL's magazine for mothers is always looking for mother's stories to publish. If you (or anyone else reading this!) would like to submit a story, go here: http://www.llli.org/nbdate.html

    In addition, this article has ideas on how to figure out if a medication is compatible with breastfeeding. If you are concerned about a specific medication, please come back here and post it, and we can help you find more information about it, so that you and your doctor can make an informed decision. http://www.llli.org/FAQ/medications.html

    Good luck to you.
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    Default Re: MRSA and Breastfeeding PAIN

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will definitely consider submitting a story. I forgot to add that during this ordeal LLL was very helpful to me. I made a number of desperate phone calls both to the local leaders and even the national hotline! Thank you again!

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    Well, I am glad to hear I am not the only one. After 7 weeks of breastfeeding with pain, and three rounds of difulcan for what we thought was a yeast infection (which I think it was that also) my doctor did a culture of my breastmilk and it was positive for MRSA, MRSA is on everyone's skin, it's an infection that you have to worry about. It got in through my nipples and has caused exruciating pain for 7 weeks. Well, I also thought his latch was wrong, which it was and that only added to the pain. 3 days after I got his latch fixed, they told me to stop breastfeeding for 2 weeks while I was on antibiotics that baby can't have. MRSA does not spread through breastmilk, though in 17 years my pediatrician has never seen it in breastmilk. That was not so fun to hear. The doctor said I could have shown up positive even if it wasn't an infection, but that I had to be treated bc if I wasn't it could turn into one. I have no pimple like absesses with pus or anything like that. Just a horrible burn in my nipples. Did you or anyone reading this have to use a bottle for 2 weeks, how did the transition back to the breast go and what bottle did you use. Can you tell me anything I didn't mention above about MRSA?

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    Hi there,

    My story is remarkably similar (currently at 7.5 weeks of burning nipple pain, soreness in breasts; been pumping exclusively for the last 4 weeks; have treated thrush aggressively with Diflucan/oral GSE/Gentian violet/probiotics/dietary changes/vinegar water rinse/yogurt).

    I am wondering if anyone here has gotten resolution regarding the possibility of a staph infection, what type of doctor they saw, what medication(s) they took and if they worked? I am trying to get an appointment with the midwife but I get the sense that she doesn't know what to do any more than I do.

    Thanks so much in advance for anyone's response.


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