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Thread: Bottle or cup??

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    Question Bottle or cup??

    I'm returning to work part-time in Aug (with July being my month of transition with a nanny and help from my husband). My DD is 5.5 months old and has been primarily BF (she had a few BM bottles early on but none in months). Today DH was home with her for 2 hours and needed to give a bottle which she wanted NO PART OF. I'm now wondering if I should really try to get her to take a bottle or just skip to a sippy cup? Any thoughts? I feel under the crunch to get her set and happy on one or the other.

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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    Either one would be fine. Whatever she'll take. This article has some more thoughts on the matter for you: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/bottle.html
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    With either one, it may take a while for your LO to find one that she likes. We are trying to transition DD to a sippy cup so that she can move to the next room at DC and are having mixed results....so far we have tried two different brands and three different "spout" combinations. Slowly she is getting the hang of it.

    Good luck
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