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Thread: So what does self weaning look like?

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    Default So what does self weaning look like?

    My daughter is 27 months old and still nursing fairly frequnetly. I generally restrict nursing to just before or after waking.

    After she wakes up she usually wants to nurse for quite a while, especially in the morning.

    Before her nap and before bed, however, she is only wanting to nurse a minute or two before she pops off and asks to sing her favorite songs.

    I am curious about the self weaning process as, although her before bedtime nursing sessions are quite short, she does still like to nurse when she wakes up, when she is bored, when she does not feel good, when she is grumpy, etc.

    What does self weaning look like? Are her short before bed nursing sessions a start, do you think? I am in no hurry, I am just curious. Will she really give it up on her own at some point or do I need to determine a time when we want to be done and start working toward that time? I don't want the weaning process to be more difficult than it has to be for her because I did not know to start setting limits at a particular age.

    She does not wake in the middle of the night to nurse anymore, usually.

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    Default Re: So what does self weaning look like?

    I'm sure you have some limits...

    One of the 1st ones we had was you were not allowed to nurse while mommy was trying to eat supper with daddy. That started when they were about 9-12 months old and could have some table foods on their tray.

    Next was we don't nurse everyplace when we go out. that was between 1 and 2.

    it sounds like she is slowly weaning.

    my dd did that, just a few tears at 4 when we finaly stopped nursing before bed.

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