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Thread: acidophilus for babies

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    I've been hearing a lot of good things abt acidophilus for babies. We always add a blueberry flavored one to our smoothies, but I didn't realize it could be added to baby's food. What type? How much? How often? Thanks.
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    We use the natures way for babies (it's a power). We are using it to help fight thrush but it says 1/2 tsp for babies under 2.

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    If you're going to give your infant a probiotic, please make sure that it is one specially designed for infants. Babies do not have the same bacteria in their gut as what adults have. There are probiotics designed specially for children, and other probtiocs designed specially for babies. If you're nursing, definitely make sure that you are taking a good acidophilus. Then if you feel your baby would benefit from one, just make sure young infants can take it. I give my daughter Baby Jarrow-dophilus. But a probiotic is definitely not a bad idea as baby gets a little older...especially during cold and flu season, or after a round of antibiotics.

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