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Thread: Plugged Duct(s)???

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    Default Plugged Duct(s)???

    Ok, so I've been back at work now for a few weeks and pumping has been going really well - I pump in the morning after nursing DD, then three times during the day at work and then sometimes just before bed, depending on when DD last nurses.

    Here's my problem...I nursed DD last night around 10 and didn't pump. When I woke up this morning, my right side felt really hard and it wasn't painful, but definitely uncomfortable. So I nursed DD on that side, but that didn't alleviate the problem (I've had this happen before, but it usually goes away as soon as I nurse), so I figured once I pumped that should help. I've already pumped twice at work as well and it still feels quite hard and is very uncomfortable. I also haven't gotten as much as usual when I pumped today (usually I get about 5-6 oz each time I pump (about 5 minutes/side), but today I've only gotten about 3 or 4 each time, and only about 1-1.5 from the right side)

    Should I just keep pumping/nursing on that side, until it feels better?


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    Default Re: Plugged Duct(s)???

    Yep! Keep nursing and pumping!!

    In addition to those things you can use a heat compress before and during nursing. Massage helps too. You can use a wide tooth comb in the shower (with soap on it so it slides easily) and "comb" the plug out towards the nipple.

    Rest!! Drink plenty of water!!

    Here's more on plugged ducts
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