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Thread: Green and sometimes mucousy poops

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    Default Green and sometimes mucousy poops

    I am hoping to get some help from all you experienced mom's out there.

    My DD is 4.5 months old and is fed only BM, from me in the morning and at night and from bottles at daycare.

    For the past 2 months, her poops have been bright green and at times, mucousy. She has no other symptoms of a dairy intolerance that I have seen (rash, fussiness, gas, spitting up). Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? She is a lean baby but gaining ok (on the low end, but still normal) and has about 2 poops and 8-10 wets per day (we use cloth diapers).

    Do I need to be concerned about this? I travel for work and have only a modest freezer stash so I worry that we will have to supplement with formula on my next trip and if she is intolerant of dairy, not sure what we will do.


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    Default Re: Green and sometimes mucousy poops

    Occasionally, green poop is a reaction to dairy. More often, it's a result of overactive letdown. You can read about that here, and let us know if you think that it fits your situation: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/oversupply.html

    If you are certain that baby is getting nothing else by mouth at daycare that could cause the green poops, and it doesn't seem to be a dairy allergy or overactive letdown, then consider wearing sunglasses during diaper changes.
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    Default Re: Green and sometimes mucousy poops

    My baby had mucousy poops and sometimes green when I was battling with overactive letdown/oversupply. I think it can also indicate foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Kellymom has lots of info on it, as well as if you just google green, mucous bm's. GL to you.
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    Default Re: Green and sometimes mucousy poops

    I have OALD and oversupply, which caused green poops. LO also had a milk allergy which led to mucus. It takes 3-4 weeks for cutting out dairy to make a difference. It was well worth it! Now, at 8 months, I jusssst reintroduced dairy, and everything is fine!

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    Default Re: Green and sometimes mucousy poops

    it could also be from teething, my ds is 6mo and he just cut 2 teeth and we delt with green mucusy poops for awhile, it from the extra saliva from teething, it could also be what the other posters say, i was just suggesting another possibility
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    Default Re: Green and sometimes mucousy poops

    My son had green/clear mucousy poops when he was 8 months or so. I had them tested, cultured, etc, but everything came back fine. It mysteriously went away after about a month. You might want to try a course of Culturelle. It's a probiotic that helps support the natural flora in the intestinal tract. My pediatrition recommended it.

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    Yeah, I am positive I don't have OALD, I have been battling low supply from day 1 due to a previous breast reduction. Since I am also not seeing any other dairy intolerance symptoms, maybe I just need to accept that this is "her normal".

    She does drool a bit, maybe teething is starting....

    Thanks for your help, I will try to stop worrying about this and move onto something else

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    ^You CAN have low supply AND have overactive letdown.

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