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Thread: Going solids crazy

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    Default Going solids crazy

    Solids have me going like this: ::

    Seriously, I have never been so confused! I have been reading everything I can get my hands on, including the LLL resources, Dr. Sears and kellymom. I've read so many historical posts about BLW vs. purees, but I just can't seem to get my head around what we should do.

    DD is 6 months. She started sweet potato puree a few days ago. She shows all the developmental signs of readiness.

    When we're feeding her the puree, she grabs the spoon from me every single time and brings it to her mouth, then sucks on it. I personally feel as though she could skip purees entirely and move onto something with a bit more texture, i.e. mash up a banana really well to where it's like a very thick puree with a few small chunks. But DH is uncomfortable with moving that quickly; he feels that babies should start with purees and move up from there gradually. I personally am not comfortable with experimenting with BLW yet, so I guess I'm somewhere in between purees and BLW.

    The pediatrician at first said we should just go ahead and start with purees, but then when I told her DD is already pulling up to standing and starting to crawl, she said that she would probably be ready to try some finger foods in a month.

    I know solids at this point are just for experimentation, but I'm having a really hard time enjoying this fun new activity because I can't make up my mind about how to go about this.

    Please, let me know what you did at 6 months! Also, if you made your own baby food, did you make it ahead and freeze it or just make it fresh each time?

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    Default Re: Going solids crazy

    maybe if hubby is so into the purees he can be in charge of feeding her?

    my last two babies I waited untill they were 9-12 months and they had teeth.
    they were self fed. The only thing I ground was meats that were too hard to cut with a knife.

    You can figure out what works best for your family.

    most of the stuff writen about starting solids is writen by baby food companies and of corse they want you to think you need jar after jar of mashed up foods.

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