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Thread: How much stores do I need?

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    Question How much stores do I need?

    I am about to go back to work and want to know how much frozen do I need built up before then? Just wondering. I work 3 days a week 12.5 hour shifts. My LO bf about 8 times per day, guessing 3 ounces since I pump about 3-4 ounces when dh gives her a bottle every night (we give her 3.5 ounces then).
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    im just guessing but if you work 12hours and LO gets 3oz... lets say lO eats every 3hours- youd need 4 bottles at 3oz each OR 12oz for 1d of work.
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    I have yet to use my freezer stash...I always use what I pumped the day before and just rotate daily. HTH. I send about 18 oz. w/ her (I'm gone 6:30-4;30)...she usually eats 12-15 oz.
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    I agree with pp - you shouldn't have to use much if any freezer stores if you pump for every missed feeding. I maintained pumping for the next day's needs for a year. Good thing, too, as I had to pitch my entire freezer stash as it went bad

    HTH and best of luck

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