I didn't read through all the posts, but I figured out I had a lipase issue just a few weeks ago (DD2 is 8.5 months)...The only way I discovered it was b/c I had left my milk in the fridge for the maximum recommended # of days before freezing. I had never done this before and I was worried about the milk so I tasted it. It was terrible. I literally almost vomited when I tasted it. I have always read it would smell funny, too but it didn't so I started doing random taste checks on my refrigerated milk to see what was up. Long story short, my milk starts to taste bad after about 8 hours after expressing. If I let it set much longer it goes downhill really quickly. I scald my milk in the evenings while cooking dinner and store it in the fridge to send to the sitter's the following day. It's MUCH better now and the sitter has mentioned that DD2 actually seems to enjoy the milk now. Anything frozen won't harm your baby if you have a lipase issue, but s/he may not eat as much of it.