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Thread: Pumping to use same day...

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    I'm wondering....If I wanted to pump and take a bottle with me to use a few hours later.....would I need to keep it in a cooler with ice packs to keep it cold? Or can it stay room temperature since it will be used in a few hours?
    I guess I'm wondering how quickly it spoils...considering it was never cold in our bodies, why would we need to chill it?


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    At room temp (60 to 74) it's good for between 6 & 8 hrs. Above 74 it should be used within 4 hrs. It only needs to be kept cold if it had already been stored in the fridge. And storing it in the fridge keeps it good up to a week!

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    here's some helpful information...

    according to the LLL, you can store human milk at room temperature (66-72°F, 19-22°C) for up to 10 hours


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