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Thread: No more nursing to sleep!

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    Default No more nursing to sleep!

    We have just moved our lo into his own room and bed (I move in with him around midnight when he first wakes up). Our goal is to have him (and me!) sleeping through the night so I figured weaning from falling asleep at the breast was the best place to start....
    all of the sudden one day at naptime, i just felt this intense feeling i should try.... First we did counting to ten on each side, something i had read somewhere....that didnt work....then i told him he could nurse through 'twinkle twinkle' and we also tried 'abcs' he would violently shake his head (while still attatched ) when the end of the song neared.....
    So I just wanted to share what ended up working for us.... We now nurse for one book each side and then i read at least one book while he lies 'in his spot' then lay with him while he falls asleep Im not going to say there were no tears at first, but they werent those 'break your heart tears'
    It didnt take long at all for him to be totally ok with it.....when i finish the first side and say 'time to switch' he gets sooo excited, even if the 1st book was really short.....now he pops off the 2nd side at the end of the book and happily jumps onto his pillow.....sometimes he will ask to nurse again and i just say you already did, and other than an 'oh man' kind of response he is fine....this also happens if he nurses in the living room or somewhere right before bed....then i read a bunch of books but with no 'other side' as he calls it...
    Ive tried talking about waiting till the sun comes up to nurse again...so far its not happening.....the other night he skipped his midnight snack and slept till 3:30.....when he woke up for his 2 hour marathon session at 5:30 he yelled 'i did it'....he thought he waited all night
    so although he is still nursing like 3 times a night, i can cut the times wayyy shorter by saying 'mommy needs to roll over can you get in your spot?' usually he just rolls right over....im amazed by how well this has gone!! (btw....daytime nursing really increased for the first 2 weeks of this)
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    Default Re: No more nursing to sleep!

    Congratulations! It really sounds like you found a great way to slowly wean from that feeding, while still respecting his needs.
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    Default Re: No more nursing to sleep!

    Congratulations! That's a big step!
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