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Thread: Could this be engorgement?!

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    Default Could this be engorgement?!

    HI everyone. Im new here and to breastfeeding. I had a baby 15 days ago and up to this point nursing has been fairly easy. But last night and this morning I noticed that my right breast feels incredibly big, full and very sore on the right side and under my armpit.

    He has been nursing like crazy all day today but I never really feel empty... Just releived when hes done. Could this be engorgement 2 weeks later?! What can i do ??

    Also, my parents have been pressuring me to give him formula saying that when hes fussy after a feeding ( i let him nurse on both sides until he spits it out) that hes still hungry. I dont think he is but is it possible??? He would nurse all day literally if I let him but how do I know if hes getting enough?

    Thanks. Sorry for the silly questions! This is so new... I formula fed DS two years ago....


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    Default Re: Could this be engorgement?!


    it sounds like a plugged duct that could turn into mastitis

    can you take the baby to bed and nurse nurse nurse.?
    If your not fealing any better then you should call your doctor.

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    Default Re: Could this be engorgement?!

    Congrats on your new LO!
    Hmmmm... localized discomfort with the heaviness and fullness you describe sounds like you might possibly be having some plugged ducts or milk-flow issues -- which should be addressed. Do you have a fever or feel unwell at all?? If that's going on, then YES, call your doctor - you don't want mastitis settling in. Do you have a local LLL leader you can chat with or a lactation consultant (possibly through your hospital) available for a phone-call?

    Have you tried warming (hot shower or warm compresses -- a dampened microwaved diaper works great, just be sure to check that it's not too hot!) the area and then massaging? That's a good thing to do to help whatever is going on and also to check to see if you have any lumpiness or differences in the 'texture' or feel of the breast tissue. Maggasing should go from the upper and outter (like up under your armpits) parts of the tissue down/in towards the nipple, as if you were trying to help push your milk through the tissue and out the natural exit! And your nipples.... take a very close look at them... any white spots on the surfaces of them? Also.... after you use warm heat on your breast - like with that warm wet diaper I mentioned - take a good look at the breast. If any area is particulary red and 'splotchy' looking, that is your beacon telling you that something may be brewing in that area - like a pre-blockage or something. That's the area you want to massage and keep heating a few times per day.

    Also a good idea to be sure to have baby nurse off this sore side as much as possible while you are working out this pain and discomfort - baby's suckling is the best way to help pull things through if something is blocking... do the heating a few times per day; about 5 mintues each time.... and come back with more details and specifics so we can help suggest more....

    Oh... there are no silly questions here, so don't apologize! Each one of us here has had and continues to have lots of questions.... and thankfully each of us has experiences to share to try to help, too!

    feel better.......-linda

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    Default Re: Could this be engorgement?!

    You've gotten some great advice from the other posters about how to deal with plugged ducts. But I want to add two things. One is that stress added to mastitis for me. My husband and I were overwhelmed with a new baby and didn't have any family or friends to help us in the beginning. With the lack of sleep and being completely over our heads, we argued a lot with each other. And I noticed when I was upset, I would get plugged ducts. If you are under stress, you need to try to relax as much as possible. The other thing is that you are getting pressure to formula feed. That will certainly give you plugged ducts. You need to have your baby nurse as much as possible. If your baby is having 6 to 8 wet diapers a day, then he is getting enough. Pressure from well intentioned family or friends to formula feed can also be adding the stress that I mentioned above. Just tell yourself that your baby is getting enough. In the beginning it takes a little time for your milk production to adjust. But giving him formula will only interfere with your body's production. If he is fussy after a feeding, maybe he didn't get enough that feeding, and letting him suckle more will up your production. Just keep coming back to this board for support. We have all been there.


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