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Thread: support at 11 months

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    I know it's hard to hear comments like these from others. DD2 is 7.5 months and wakes, usually, 5x's each night to nurse. My mom has started to tell me I need to "get her sleeping longer." She hasn't offered her opinions on how to make this happen, but I know in the back of her mind she wants me to let her cry.

    DH's mom & one of his co-workers keep telling him "a little bit of formula at night will make her sleep longer." 1) Not true 2) Their thinking is that it will keep her fuller longer. She has purees right before bed and that's not keeping her fuller & sleeping longer so why would formula?

    Sorry, I got sidetracked...Basically, I just wanted to let you know your LO sounds perfectly "normal" to me and you're doing just fine!
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    hi, my daughter only started waking less at night when she was near 2 years old. Now at 25 months she wakes once or sometimes twice, and nurses back to sleep. It does get better, but all children have their own time table, and eventually will sleep most of the night without waking and needing mom.

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    My LO is 10&1/2 mos.old and still gets up every night to nurse. I nursed my
    1st DS for 10 mos., my 2nd DS for 9mos.(had to wean due to meds), my DD for 13 mos., and I plan on nursing my DS for at least 15- 18mos., if not longer.

    I know how aggravating it can be when others give you advice though! I've already had my SIL (who NEVER nursed her baby) tell me that she's been ready articles that 10 mos. was around the time you should begin the weaning process. Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks so much for all the support!

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