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Thread: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

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    Default my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    My 3 1/2 month old is now fussing at both bottle and breast. And, I am so stressed out. I started giving her one bottle per day at 4 weeks, in preparation for returning to work. Around the 10th week, she started not liking the bottle. At 10th week, she fussed but would usually finish most of the bottle (3-4 oz). I have now returned to work, the situation has intensified. Sometimes she would cry for 45 minutes and finished only 1-2 oz of milk from the bottle. Recently, she's also started fussing when I try to nurse her. She's now drinking very little per day, and I am worried.

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at both bottle & breast. Could this be a nursing strike?

    It occurs to me that my baby may be having a nursing strike. Is this possible? When babies are on nursing strike, would they refuse both bottle and nursing?

    Anyway, I have started nursing skin-to-skin and am taking a week off from work to spend more time with my baby. She seems to be nursing better today.

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    I had the same thing happen when I went back to work when my lo was 3 and a half months. I never did really figure out what was going on -- whether it was the change or teething -- but it did pass. Hang in there...it is tough, but they do adjust eventually. I just kept offering the breast and he did a lot of feeding when he was waking from sleeping at night because he was more relaxed then.

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    Thanks for your reply dhnash. I am feeling more hopeful knowing someone's gone through a similar situation and that it got resolved.
    My lo also feeds better when she wakes at night. I am not sure what's causing her not want to feed.
    One doctor said she's backed up and asked me to use suppository on her every day. It just does not seem right, because I know some breastfed babies don't go for a week sometimes. And, my lo seems to be on a 5 day schedule.
    I feel that she may be reacting to the stress of me going back to work and relatives visiting and living at our home recently.
    She's now feeding a little better, at least she usually does not fuss on the first breast I offer. She starts fussing when I get her in the position to take the second breast. So, at least she feeds now every few hours on one breast. At night she may take both breasts. I know it's not enough, but I do not want to force her and get her upset. I really hope she will get better soon. I am hanging in there and just waiting...

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    How many wet diapers per day? And pooping every 5 day's sounds fine as long as it's not hard or little pellets she is fine. I wouldn't be giving suppositories. What about her weight gain? She may be getting more from the breast than you realize. And some babies reverse cycle, meaning they will eat less while mom is away and make up for it when w/ mom at the breast. Hopefully it has just been the stress of a new situation.

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    5-6 wet diapers a day. Weight gain has been slow. Last 3 weeks, it's only been about 8 ozs.
    I have been back to work now for 5 weeks. The first 3 weeks, she would feed less during the day with bottle from nanny and wait for me to come home to have her big meals, which was still okay. But for the past 10 days, she fusses (and sometimes cries and screams) when I try to nurse her. While before, she would only cry and scream when it's the bottle. Is she getting confused?

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    I'm not sure if this will help. I can't say for sure what is/isn't, but only offer my stuff.

    DD would be very fussy about food. She would clearly be hungry, but wouldn't take the breast. This was even before we'd introduced paci or bottles. She also wouldn't nurse to sleep or for comfort.

    I had to "trick" her into eating. I'd get her sleeping and then upon waking I would get her to the breast almost immediately and she would eat then. Sometimes, if it had been a while between feedings, I would let her sleep for about 20-30 minutes and then put her to the breast and wake her up just a little so she'd eat. There were a few times when I'd only let her sleep for only 10 minutes because it had been so long in between feedings.

    HTH! Good luck!

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    My lo now seems to want to nurse again, but there is not as much milk as before. I am worried that she will only nurse and there is not enough milk. What can I do to increase milk supply? She's still not taking bottle well. Once the milk supply is low, will the milk supply increase again?
    I am still feeling stressed, which is probably not helping. Any advice how I can increase my milk again?

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    Default Re: my 3 1/2 mo old fussing at bottle & breast

    Things got worse since my last posting. She had completely refused to eat. For a couple of days I was only able to get her to drink a little using some techniques from a lactation consultant. She was only wetting 3 diapers a day. Thank you so much for a La Leche leader in my area for her support through this tough time.

    We talked to several doctors and finally figured out GERD (Gastroeshophageal reflux disease) is causing her not want to eat. She was hungry but eating hurt her little throat and esophagus. It was painful for her and for me. She's now on Zantac and is doing better.

    She will only nurse now. So, I am hoping to work something out with my bosses about taking a personal leave. I am worried about losing my job, but right now my daughter needs me.

    Also, any advice on how to deal with GERD?

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